Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Pressing Reset

Our wedding was couple of months ago and ever since then I’ve been eating my fair share of indulgent food and not doing quite as much exercise as I used to. It all started on honeymoon in Kefalonia where I had chocolate spread (it’s called Melinda there) on toast for breakfast every morning. It’s safe to say that Melinda and I got on particularly well for the whole honeymoon! As I’d tried to avoid sugar and bread on the run up to the wedding I really savoured my chocolate toast and tea. Now I’m back in grey London and I haven’t quite got back to eating the way that makes me feel best. I’ve gained a few pesky pounds, and I’m feeling sluggish. It’s time to press reset.

My husband and I were engaged for over a year before getting married so I had lots of time to devise exercise plans, and to experiment with delicious healthy foods. I’m naturally drawn to nutrition and wellbeing, and love the feeling exercising and eating well gives me. I’ve run lots of half marathons, and even a full marathon so I know I’m capable of committing to exercising regularly, and following a training plan. I love researching the latest developments in nutrition or pouring over beautiful cookery books. I’d like to run regularly because it makes me feel strong, I’d like to practise yoga more because it makes me feel calm, and I’d like to eat delicious food because it makes me feel nourished, and perhaps lay off the chocolate spread a little! I’m looking forward to getting back on track and sharing some of my healthy choices with you.


  1. Very inspirational! I'd love to get into running too, good luck!


    1. Thank you so much. Signing up to a race was what got me motivated to do my first half marathon. You can do it!