Tuesday, 28 July 2015

I do

I hope you'll forgive me for not updating my blog in such a long time. I have an excuse though; I got married! I’m still in a little bubble of post wedding and mini-moon glow. It was an incredible feeling to have all your favourite people in one space, all wishing you the very best for your life together.

I spent a lot of my waking moments trying to think of kooky ideas, which would make the wedding fun, different and special, but what really made the day perfect was marrying my favourite man in the world. There was a  moment when I realised all my meticulous planning didn’t really matter at all. I’ve always loved confetti photos and had spent way too much time selecting wildflower petals in just the right shade. I also picked out some beautiful rosebud heads, and delicately placed them in a basket, which I'd added a mint lace trim to. The reality is that when rosebuds are dried they become quite hard. When they are thrown with overexcited gusto and enthusiasm it feels a little bit like you’re being pelted with tiny pebbles! I think the photos will be hilarious, us walking out of church newly married hand in hand into the sunshine while dodging the onslaught of rosebuds.

It feels lovely to be married after all our years together.  It also feels very special to have made a decision that’s so final and a lasting promise to nurture each other with love.   We won’t get all our official photos back for a while but the photographer sent over a single photo which encapsulates the day. It's a photo that was taken in the evening as the sun was beginning to set so I look a little disheveled.

With love,



  1. Such a lovely post! And the picture looks amazing :) it's a wonderful feeling being married x


    1. Thank you so much. It is really lovely, I wish I could do it all again - with the same man of course!