Friday, 20 March 2015

Eyelash Extensions

I was a bridesmaid for my lovely future sister-in-law last weekend and thought it would be a perfect opportunity to give lash extensions a whirl. I went to a place in London to get them done, and in total they took an hour and fifteen minutes. I didn't have any issues with stinging, watering or getting my eyes glued together! I asked for a slightly fuller than natural look, and had synthetic lashes applied. The lady who did them was absolutely brilliant, and managed to get a single lash on each one of my own lashes. I had a fear they'd look super clumpy and unnatural but I was really pleased with the result.

I did, however, wake up in the middle of the night with my pesky fingers clamped on my lashes trying to pull them out! I woke up in the morning and they were all still in place! Phew. Having them meant I could just slick on some lip balm and, shove my hair up and still feel glam. Super easy! If I'm completely honest I have found them a little bit annoying, but I've never been a fan of things being near or on my eyes. I failed miserably at being a contact lens wearer. Scratchy little pests! Anyway, I still have these lashes on two weeks later and I've had very few fall out despite a real desire to pull them out myself! Lash-tastic...

Has anyone else tried lash extensions? How did you get on? How have you found silk vs. synthetic?

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