Monday, 16 January 2017

I'm Pregnant!

My last post was written 9 months ago, and just before we found out we're having a baby! I haven't been able to write since - for some reason I've felt so secretive and private about being pregnant. For the first few weeks I absolutely loved being in a bubble with my husband and being the only ones who knew we were growing our first baby. We had a private scan at 8 weeks just to check it was real, and seeing the faint flicker of a heartbeat on the screen will be something that stays with me for life. A silent tear streamed out of my left eye with no warning, and I knew I was in love.

Today, I'm 39 weeks pregnant, and ever since we found out about our baby every waking moment has been spent preparing for when it is finally here. Suddenly buying our first home became a huge priority. We've been renting various dodgy flats in London for the last 8 years, and saving our pennies to finally buy our own home, but suddenly with the impending arrival of a mini-us we went into overdrive and after finding house that was right for us, we completed just six and a half weeks later. It was all a little bit stressful to say the least but I'm so pleased we have a little home to bring our baby back to.

I'm now on maternity leave and so close to our due date that I finally feel confident about writing about the pregnancy. So here's how its been...

First Trimester 

I was so bloated in the first trimester that I already looked pregnant at around 8 weeks and had to buy maternity jeans. Morning sickness started at around the 6 week mark and I was physically sick every other day. I was only ever sick in the morning before work. I'd wake up so thirsty that I'd drink a large glass of water and invariably then throw up. I also felt really queasy in the evening, and the only thing that helped was eating really bland food. I tried ginger and unfortunately it gave me no relief. In terms of cravings I was a lemon water obsessive, and a salt and vinegar fiend. I felt exhausted but couldn't sleep. The 12 weeks scan was definitely a silver lining to the first trimester and I felt so much better at around week 14. 

Second Trimester 

It was the dream everyone says it is. We went to Rome for a long weekend when I was 24 weeks pregnant and I walked for miles with boundless energy and ate copious amounts of pizza and pasta. I felt like myself with a ravenous appetite and a chunky bump.

Third Trimester 

This trimester was much like the second and overall I've enjoyed it. I've been practising yoga to counteract the niggling aches I've had from my desk job and completed my Pre and Postnatal Yoga teacher training at 31 weeks. From 36 weeks onwards I've started to feel really large and much more uncomfortable, particularly in my left ribs where the baby has conveniently lodged its cute little bottom. When I drop something on the floor I watch it fall, almost in slow-mo and think 'Noooooo, I can't possibly reach that'. I then limber up and make various grunting noises as I squat down in a highly unattractive formation.

I wouldn't say that I've been one of those glamorous, glowy pregnant ladies, but I have been happy, and at every stage I've been amazed at how clever the human body is. The due date one week count is now officially on, and I'm a nervous ball of excitement. 


  1. Congrats! Pregnancy is beautiful! I haven't made any sort of online announcement about my pregnancy, but I'm looking forward to 39 weeks! Sending positive vibes your way, mama!


    1. Thank you so much! It's such an exciting time. Can't wait to meet the little one. Congratulations on your baby too!

  2. Honey, look at this dress. It’s beautiful. Perfect for you