Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Bath in Autumn

I absolutely love Bath and have spent a few wonderful weekends there. The last time we visited we relaxed in the Thermae Spa, which was phenomenal and had beautiful views over the city. On this occasion we fancied leaving the day up to chance a little. However, I'm a girl who likes a plan so on the drive there I looked at the top restaurants on TripAdvisor and found that number one was a little Italian place called Sotto Sotto. We weren't even sure if it was open but headed down the steps to the basement entrance anyway. We were really lucky to get a table as someone had just rung up to cancel. Perfect timing. I can one hundred percent understand why this restaurant has so many positive reviews the staff were so attentive and the food was delicious.

With tummies full of bread and pasta we strolled around the the streets taking in all the beautiful sites and festive shop windows. It was a really relaxed day finished perfectly with my first ever Chai tea at Picnic Coffee. Again, this place had the friendliest staff, and my husband ended up getting me a little Turquoise ForLife Teapot from there as I've lusted after one for so long. As our parking was about to run out we quickly headed to the Tea House Emporium so I could get some loose leaf tea for my new fancy pot. They had such an awesome range of Tea there so it was hard to pick just a couple. If you're wondering I went for an Earl Grey and a Moroccan Mint tea. I'll sign off here... I suddenly have the urge to make a cuppa!


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    1. It's lovely isn't it?! Thanks for heading over to my blog :)

  2. I love Bath too, I've been there twice and want to go back again and again!

    1. You should go in December. It would be lovely and festive :)