Sunday, 18 January 2015

15 things I’ll do in 2015

I gave myself rather a simple New Year’s resolution but there are plenty of things I’d love to achieve in 2015. I was grinning from ear to ear whilst writing this post and felt really excited about my future adventures…

1)      Complete a 10k in less than 49 minutes
2)      Climb a mountain (any mountain- I’m not fussy)
3)      Do a mini photography course
4)      Run my socks off in a Colour Run
5)      Read more classics 
6)      Visit Amsterdam (I've always wanted to go, and The Fault in our Stars made it sound so magical)
7)      Learn even more about nutrition and prepare some new and creative meals
8)      Go on an adventure and see some wild animals in their natural habitat
9)      Teach more yoga
10)   Keep blogging
11)   Do some volunteering
12)   Make a dress (Any tips or pattern recommendations? I’d like to/need to start really simple)  
13)   Go canoeing on a beautiful Scottish Loch while visiting my lovely sister
14)   Go Zorbing (is it actually fun?!)
15)   Keep to my main New Year’s resolution!

I hope 2015 holds lots of special moments for you x


  1. Those are great! I'm planning on going to Amsterdam in July, seems so lovely!
    EvaPaige xxx

    1. Wow. Amsterdam in July would be lovely. Hopefully you'll get some sunshine :) x

  2. yes go to amsterdam! its amazing

    Aine Oh

    1. I definitely will, just need to get the flights booked. I can't wait! x